L-Crum art (ellerie Crum) is an illustrator and storyteller located in Savannah, Ga.   she views the mundane through the filter of imagination.  As an illustrator, she hopes to transport others to these places so they may experience the myth and wonder of what lies beyond the ordinary.

projects including: board games, key illustrations for film and TV, visual development, and illustration for publication.  She hopes to bridge the gap between the visual world and the written word. 

Ellerie is a time-traveling animal trainer who resides in the realm of imagination.  She graduated from Academy of Art University (AAU) with a BFA in illustration and attended graduate studies at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in savannah, Georgia.  In her spare time she writes and creates stories based on her adventures.

About L-CRUM Art

Ellerie (L)  Crum


Phone: 6608153740

Email: ellecrum@gmail.com